Horticultural Worker needed

To join a small team growing organic vegetables at Fletching Glasshouses. We are soil association accredited and grow a wide variety of crops for the local market.

Full-time Monday to Friday

Seasonal work March to September (with the possibility of an extension into the winter)

Wages £7 / hr , hours 8am to 4pm with some flexibility

Duties: cultivating, planting, weeding and harvesting, with some cleaning, clearing, composting and maintenance.

We are looking for someone with an interest in vegetable growing and a willingness to learn and follow directions. Must be reliable and practical and prepared for hard physical work. Will need to be living within travelling distance from BN8 4JJ

This is a rare opportunity to get experience of organic protected cropping.

Email Isobel@fletchingglasshouses.co.uk for application form or phone Isobel 01825 721162 for more information.

Despite all the terrible weather, the light is turning and the leaves are getting back into production.

This week we have our signature Mustard and Winter salads back into full production and a good quantity of spinach, chard and stir fry.

There are plenty of beans and mangetout peas coming on and I’ve just ordered our potatoes for this year. We’ve decided to standardise on Charlotte this year – a lovely second early.

If you live further away and find it difficult to buy from us you might consider joining our small but growing band of customers who order via our Amazon Store. If you live locally come and see us on the Lewes Market every Friday – we are continuing to run the store jointly with our colleagues at Ashurst Organics and at the moment it’s week and week about. We’ll be picking up the baton when the Hungry gap arrives – we’re next there on the 14th February.

However I’ve saved the most exciting news to last. We don’t heat the bulk of the glasshouses where the vegetables grow but we do have to heat our propagation benches which up till now has depended on an antique diesel boiler.

However we’re in the process of installing a brand new bio mass boiler to run on wood pellets which should not only cut our bills a bit but also mean that the business continues to become greener as it adds renewable heat to the rainwater harvesting systems we put in three years ago.

So we’re all set and looking forward to an exciting 2014

We’ve had a really hot month now so we have our own tomatoes coming through to add to the courgettes, cucumbers and salad that’s continuing to do well.

Tomatoes are here

A wonderful punnet of tomatoes

We also have the first of our new potatoes too – here’s a kilo to be going on with :)

New Potatoes

Our first new potatoes

It’s been such a rotten winter it’s a great joy to see the spring at last.

We have got plenty of Salad, Spinach and Chard available now plus a bumper crop of Mange Tout Peas together with some nice lettuces and the first strawberries.


Coming on behind are courgettes, tomatoes and our first attempt at growing potatoes.

Tomatoes and Potatoes

Lettuces and Potatoes

However the next treat in store is Broad Beans – we have lots of these and they should start to be ready for picking within the next fortnight.  And close on their heels some really nice Fennel


Fennel getting ready for you

Look out for updates.

More soon


Oh my it’s been a long cold lonely winter.

We still haven’t got enough light but at last the plants are growing again and we can harvest enough to go back onto our favourite farmer’s market in Lewes. We’ll be there every Friday from here to Christmas.

At the moment we have plenty of winter salad, spinach, chard and Kale with a few heads of chicory left.

We have leeks, garlic, broad beans and mange tout coming on well and the usual selection of summer vegetables on their way.

We should have some surplus plants to sell on the market by the middle of April.

Watch this space for further updates – we’ve overhauled the site to make it easier for you to buy vegetables online and we’ll be doing more with this shortly.

I’ve been experimenting with this tool to let you see something more about our glasshouses.

I’ll be doing more shortly but here is the first attempt.

After the summer we have a good variety of vegetables available.

While the tomatoes are now over we have aubergines, cucumbers,courgettes and peppers as well as our staple salad bags and chard.

Also looking good at the moment are fennel, celery and celeriac.

As well as continuing to support our usual outlets we can be found every fortnight at the Lewes town market on a Friday morning. We work with our colleagues, Ashurst Organics and Noannah to provide a full range of fresh, local, organic vegetables each week.

Here’s last week’s display


Farmers Market Lewes


As the season goes round we now have a full range of produce.

The Aubergines, tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers are in full production, and the pepper crop both sweet and chilli looks pretty good.

We have squash and fennel coming through and still have some nice onions.

We’ve started the cycle of chutney and marmalade making. We have Tomato and chilli relish, Tomato and courgette chutney and will shortly have marmalade and chilli Jelly again.

We’re currently manning the stall at Lewes every other Friday – we’re on this week. Here’s a recent photo that combines our produce with our colleagues at Ashurst Organics and Noannah.

During the winter, a local photographer called Carlotta Luke came and visited us to take some photographs for a local food project.

Some of these photos are stunning – here’s one

Lee in the Glass

Lee in the Glass

You can see the rest of them at Carlotta’s site here.

We thought you might like to see what’s going on here during March – here’s  our most recent video

More soon


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